Jan. 20th, 2013

aendr: (spin)
Thanks to crazyscot for the meme.

Up-goer Five on xkcd, the inspiration for this.
The Up-goer Five text editor.

I look at water-in-the-sky. I want to know how it works. If I can learn how it works better, other people I work with can tell better when things like rain, cold-hard-rain and ground-water-in-the-sky might come. I use boxes which say how hot and wet the air is, how far up the water-in-the-sky is and how much sun there is. I work with other people who whisper-to-computers. They use what my boxes say to make pretend-sky in the computers. The pretend-sky-in-the-computers tells them when the rain will come, but sometimes it is wrong. I tell them how it is wrong and we try to make it better. Other people I work with look at the pretend-sky-in-the-computers and tell everyone when the sun, rain, cold-hard-rain and ground-water-in-the-sky will come. Most of the time they are right but sometimes they get it wrong and everyone is sad and tell us off. They forget when we were right. They don't forget when we were wrong. This makes us sad.

Can you tell what water-in-the-sky, cold-hard-rain, ground-water-in-the-sky and pretend-sky-in-the-computers are?

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