Sep. 21st, 2009


Sep. 21st, 2009 10:52 am
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Yesterday I spent all day running (well, actually walking fast, waiting for buses, bussing and tubing) around London playing "Tubeopoly" against other teams from Cambs West Guides. Paxton Power Rangers put in 2 teams, there were 11 teams in total. The game involves travelling around the Monopoly board to find the answers to various questions - one for each Monopoly square not including the utilities. We also had to attend the checkpoints of "Go" and "Jail". Most squares were worth 10 points, though some harder to get to ones were worth 20. Getting to the checkpoint in the 1 hour slot allotted for each of them was worth 10 points with a further 10 possible by answering a set of questions given out at each checkpoint. We were given the questions and locations of the checkpoints on the train so that we could plan our routes. We had a great time and our two teams got really good scores, my team coming 2nd with 90 points and the other team getting 80 despite the getting lost on a bus for over an hour. I'm a bit disappointed that my route planning wasn't as good as it could have been but now have a few ideas on how to improve that. It can't be totally prepared as the checkpoints are not known in advance, nor which end of some streets, but a lot of it can be which would give us a better chance of winning. I'm feeling a bit bad for not giving the girls more of a chance at planning and reading but they were very reluctant. I think it might be good to do something on a smaller scale somewhere they partly know to get their in-town map reading confidence a bit of a boost.

Some notes for next year (if we decide to go): )

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