Jul. 19th, 2009


Jul. 19th, 2009 09:05 pm
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So, at 251 days, Alex is just over 8 months old.

As of today, he's got 4 teeth, though the top ones are barely peeking through. We discovered the third appear last weekend when he started grinding his teeth - not previously possible. Even tiny quite grinding of tiny tiny teeth drives me up the wall. Now he has number four he has, blessedly, stopped grinding.

He's now a jolly good sitter, with only a few tumbles when he's really tired or concentrating. On Thursday for the first time he bum-shuffled backwards three feet, though he was trying to reach for something in front of him, so he was quite frustrated. It was quite amusing! It wasn't a straight line, more of a curve. He can only do this on our wooden floor so far, so it requires hovering around him because the floor is jolly solid and shuffling I think would make him a little more likely to tumble. Practise makes perfect. Tummy time, he's not really showing any signs of crawling. He's also enjoying standing/bouncing on his feet on our legs. His giggles are infectious.

He's eating food well, though his milk intake is going down perhaps a little more quickly than I would like. He's getting pretty good at eating finger food, loving toast and scrambled egg, banana and strawberries. We're doing mixed weaning - part mashed, part finger foods, and it sometimes fun and sometimes messy and sometimes ... sometimes goes a bit wrong. (Mental note: when telling a certain person to give him strawberries from the pot SB in the top drawer of the freezer, tell him not to confuse it with sweet potato from the pot SP in the second drawer. Sweet potato and yoghurt for pudding... hmm...)

He's growing and changing and changing and growing.. and into the next size of clothing - he's in 6-9 months clothes now.

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