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Saturday: Yay, it's the weekend, pub lunch!
Sunday: oddly enough, I can't remember
Monday: Bank holiday, so an extra day of Ganesh home.
Tuesday: Mother came to stay
Wednesday: Nice trip out to Ikea and Kingston (MK), managed to pick up nearly everything we wanted.
Thursday: Got some gardening done, quite pleasant with mother to help.
Friday: Nice looooong nap for Alex in the afternoon - some "free" time for me.
Saturday: minted lamb burgers! mmm!
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Tuesday: Sarah and baby Matthew (from my antenatal group) came round and we planned our "girly night in" dinner.
Wednesday: At Baby College I *didn't* win the chocolate! (yes, this is good news, I still have the bar from the time before last in the fridge, and last time's bar I gave away on the spot!)
Thursday: Lots of new little babies at Bumps'n'Babes. It seems ages since Alex was so young, though one of the 8 week olds is already bigger than he is now!
Friday: I walked to town to do some shopping (veg and fresh meat) and met Gill and baby Sophie (from my antenatal group), who joined me for lunch, then a charming little girl in Waitrose peeked in at Alex and tiptoed back to her mother and said in a stage whisper "I didn't wake the baby!"
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Afternoon naps are good!
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Today Alex's Aachchi (Sinhalese for Granny) came to visit and played with him and cuddled him lots, giving me some time to do other things, like laundry, drink tea and relax.
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positive thinking: I got lots of travel tips for my NCT newsletter item
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positive thinking: Alex really got enthusiastic with purple sprouting brocolli - it was hilarious seeing it dangle out of his mouth
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positive thinking: It was nice being back at Guides
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positive thinking: I had a lovely afternoon's coffee with my friends
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Positive thinking: Alex reached 6 months

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