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It's been a while since I last posted - and even longer since I last did an "Alex update". Part of the delay is due to my starting work 2 months ago, and life being rather busy since.
Alex is nearly 14 months old now! Looking back on the last post about him, there's a lot of change. Let's see...

Oh dear, I first mention that he's 9kg heavy. Well, several colds, ear infections, chest infections and bronchiolitis later, he dropped to 8.5kg before Christmas, though we think he's gained quite a bit over Christmas. He's not heavy enough to turn the car seat around (min weight 9kg), though we'll try to prolong his rear facing a while (max weight 13kg in this car seat). In supermarket trolleys, I have to watch he doesn't try to eat it (which wouldn't be good for his teeth if I stopped or banged something suddently, not to speak of the horrors of what grime is on it), and watch out if he tries to take something out of the trolley and drop it on the floor. Though he likes to reach out and touch things, he doesn't yet grab them, but that will come! Progress around a supermarket can still be slow with him though, he smiles and waves at complete strangers and I often have to stop and respond to people telling me he's gorgeous or handsome or "going to be a wow with the ladies". Elderly gentlemen like to shake his hand, elderly ladies just coo. Sometimes he's shy and buries his head in my front, sometime he just looks at them with a serious, studying expression - he went through a period of not responding to strangers at all - but now he's back to his grinning at anyone giving him a compliment or smile.

He doesn't clap and wave as much any more, it's as if he's "done that". His latest is to point. Pointing has been a firm favourite for a couple of months, but has changed into an imperious point, usually up, and exclamation of "da!" (an escalating repeated imperative) requiring us to pick him up and let him interact with whatever it was he was pointing to. This is usually either our wind chime or an elephant on a spring given to him by Caroline, though all the hanging Christmas decorations were popular. We also get requested to spin the wooden spiral hanging over the stairs, though we don't let him touch it. If we don't pick him up, then wails result. We don't pick him up every time, though. (The demand to be carried and temper if refused has increased since Christmas when Granny and Uncle David and we would have time to accede to his requests frequently.) Vocally, he hasn't really any definite words yet, but does say "abla", "gah", "da" and some liquid rr and mm sounds.

He's still requesting to stand frequently, and not yet sitting or standing himself up. He cruises around, holding onto furniture, legs, walls, whatever he will, not always sensibly! He carries things in one hand, while cruising leaning on his forearm, and will clap standing up, leaning on his forearms. We await the day when he moves and forgets to hold on. He can get quite far when we're not paying him our full attention, especially to get at something interesting or forbidden. The top stair gate is installed, the bottom one ready but we don't need it yet.

He's feeding himself with spoon or fork, but prefers us to load them for him, though will try it himself occasionally. He realises that a full tummy happens sooner with our help.

He loves pressing buttons - on the TV, on books which make music or "Rrrroarrrrrrr!" On his pretend phones, on our laptops! (He has interacted with IRC a few times already.) He also likes to stack blocks, take apart duplo and has recently started to place duplo blocks together (though the hit rate to begin with was severely limited by trying to put them together backwards, or at totally the wrong angles.)

Hopefully my next update will not be so delayed.
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Since my last update young Mister Wriggle-Bum has gained a second tooth.

He's got too splashy for the baby bath to be used on the stand in the bedroom, so it's now in use in the main bathtub - saving water and my back (a little) and preventing the toy crocodile from "swimming" (floating) away. It makes filling and emptying easier, but it's a lot less convenient in terms of space for changing Alex. He's also now sleeping in his cot in his own room, the Moses basket has been retired. That happened a bit ago but I forgot to mention it.

We've started weaning him. I'm not doing baby led weaning or purée weaning entirely - we're having purées for breakfast and lunch and finger foods with our dinner IF there are appropriate items from our meal to give him. So far he loves apple, pear, banana, carrot, sweet potato and broccoli. Baby corn is gnawed like we'd gnaw corn on the cob. He's not certain about parsnip or potato and doesn't care for baby rice, which given its wallpaper paste taste and texture I am inclined to agree with him. I'm pondering what to introduce next, cauliflower tonight I think, but whether to try pasta next or toast or chicken strips, or oatmeal or spinach or blueberry purée, I'm not sure - only one new thing a day in case he has a reaction to anything. He likes control of the spoon where possible for the purées, which gets messy when he grabs the bowl of the spoon if I'm not quick enough to slide along so his hand closes on the handle but it's still a lot less messy than giving him a bit of broccoli and letting him go for it. Last night he started off slapping the limp broccoli against his cheek in an effort to get it into his mouth, then figured out how, and at one point had the florets dangling out of his mouth. It was hilarious and uncatchable on camera, though we've tried (brocolli photos not yet online).

He's sitting for short periods (up to half a minute) - longer when concentrating on something at the right place, sometimes he lazily topples over immediately. I hover to catch him when on a hard surface or near toys he could bang his head on. He's also tipping himself onto his side lots - a precursor to rolling from back to front, though he tips his head back which prevents the full roll. Today he's discovered that, tipped onto his side, he can reach more things - the butterflies at the top of the baby gym and his cot mobile. The latter is now retired.

I've put away his outgrown clothes - the "Early Baby" stuff seems so small now, where then the 0-3 months stuff seemed so large. He's now in 3-6 months clothes; though many items are too big the 0-3 months clothes are too small. Measuring up photos

That's all for my giggle-lump update, and he wants to play.
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Alex learned to roll (from front to back) a fortnight ago - he did 3 rolls on the Thursday, 2 the following Monday Sunday and 1 the other night. He seems to do it most easily when naked.
He also gained a tooth (Left 10 on Saturday and is cutting R10 today.


Apr. 8th, 2009 03:39 pm
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On time? Early even.
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Feb. 28th, 2009 02:18 pm
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Well, last time I was a day late; this time I'm 10% late. He's 110 days old and has grown a bundle.

He finally grew into 0-3 months clothes, or at least outgrew the "newborn" clothes in the week he was three months old, as per my prediction. I think he may get to 3-6 months clothes sooner though. He's still in a limited range of the 0-3 months clothes we have - the rest being way too big. He's now 58cm long and 11lb 15.5 oz. Alex is smiling and laughing now, gurgling and cooing and it sounds very much like he's saying "now" when he wants his milk. He also looks around and smiles when one of us comes in and says something out of his sight. He's rather fond of gnawing his left hand, though there's no sign of teeth yet. He's reaching out and batting and grabbing things, even pulling them to his mouth. He's best with dangling things because their weight is supported but we do try him on things to lift. He's showing a distinct preference for grabbing with his left hand (yay), but I know that that could change easily before he settles on a handedness. He's holding his head up fairly well, but still not steady for very long, and we're encouraging him to lift it and develop his neck and core body muscles with tummy time and sitting up time. He's pretty small, so some of the physical things will take time.

I'm now in somewhat of a, well I can't call it a routine because it's not, but we get along. I have afternoon tea with the ladies from my antenatal class on a Monday, on a Thursday morning I go to "Bumps'n'Babes", and generally try to get out two more days of the week (usually just a walk into town to grocery shop, visit the library for "Rhymetime" or similar) but have a day at home to relax. We learnt baby massage for several Wednesday afternoons, for example. I'm a third of my way through maternity leave and it's hard to imagine returning to work. We've been looking at nurseries in preparation. Having picked one to register at, I have sort of volunteered to go and do some science based activities with their preschoolers; Alex would be looked after by them while I am there and I can have a look at what they're really like not just when they're showing people around. I was thinking coffee filter paper chromatography butterflies, maybe some pen lid divers, that type of thing. If anyone has any ideas (this is aimed at 3-5 year olds) then let me know.

I'm also using cloth nappies, specifically sized ones with wraps (Tots Bots Bamboozles and Flexitots with Motherease Rikki wraps). He seems quite happy in them and it's nice not to have a bin full of nappies. We're still in dispos at night or if we're going to be out for a long time. [ profile] hsenag is a bit reluctant to use them, bit too difficult for him maybe? It's not like you need a PhD to be able to work them!


Dec. 31st, 2008 01:04 pm
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Yesterday, Alex was 50 days old, but I was a bit busy to post.

It's been a busy 7 weeks, with many ups and downs (quite a lot of downs including the washing machine flooding the floor, two sterilisers breaking - hard water and electric steam sterilisers aren't very compatible, two bouts of mastitis, painful and with high temperatures, for me and a lot of just general OMG small baby ETIRED), and jolly hard going at times. It's getting easier though. Breastfeeding didn't get off the ground for various reasons I shall not go into here, so I expressed for a few weeks to give him the benefit of my milk, but we have switched to formula now. Expressing is the worst of both worlds, really, all the sterilising to do, time consumed in extracting the milk as well as changing and feeding leaves very little time for sleeping and a nightmare if baby wants something while you're tied to a milking machine.

Alex is now 8lb 11oz (3.94kg), up from 6lb 1oz (2.765kg) at birth, and is following the 2nd centile growth curve happily. He's small, but that is not really a surprise considering my (lack of) height, Ganesh's slimness and the rest of our families are not exactly big. He's finally fitting newborn baby clothes and outgrown the size below - I somehow doubt 0-3 months clothes will stop swamping him before he's 3 months old. We have rather a lot of 0-3 months clothes (presents mainly) which are waiting for him. He's now "woken up" and is getting more interactive. He's meeting our eyes, occasionally smiling (muscular smile, which is an advance on windy smiles but not quite social smiles). His facial expressions have always been marvellously expressive (though incomprehensible sometimes) but with the smile too he can be a delight to watch. He sometimes manages to suck his thumb, but not consistently, and has had a go at batting dangling toys though again not consistently (not quite got the depth perception perhaps). He's sometimes grouchy for hours, sometimes cheerfully playful. Out and about, he's rather a charmer - flirting with ladies of all ages even when asleep.
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...because I'm in the hospital looking after Alex!

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