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Challenge list so far...

  1. Organisation Populate 101 list

  2. Organisation Organise a big party

  3. Organisation Update list of achievements monthly

  4. Organisation Review challenges every 101 days

  5. Organisation Keep the dresser clear and decorative for 4 weeks

  6. Arts and Crafts Learn to use the sewing machine and make something

  7. Arts and Crafts Make puppet theatre

  8. Arts and Crafts Make an item of clothing; a skirt or a cloak

  9. Arts and Crafts Cook a "curry" (seek Nela's help)

  10. Arts and Crafts Make pasta from scratch

  11. Arts and Crafts Learn to knit

  12. Arts and Crafts try throwing a pot (clay)

  13. Culture / Travel Go to Railfest

  14. Culture Go to Theatre

  15. Culture / Sport Attend Olympics

  16. Culture Read 10 new-to-me classic books

  17. Culture Watch 10 classic films

  18. Culture Go to an outdoor concert - fireworks to music? Or a classical spectacular

  19. Culture do something in period dress

  20. Fitness / Sport Swimming lessons - get organised and start them

  21. Fitness private

  22. Fitness private

  23. Fitness / Sport Walk around airfield or equivalent once a week

  24. Fitness private

  25. Fitness Exercise bike or equivalent 10 minutes a week

  26. Fitness Swimming target¥

  27. Fitness Drink eight glasses of water every day for one week.

  28. Fitness / Arts and Crafts Try out St Neots Scottish country dancing (join if I like them)

  29. Geekery Go geocaching

  30. Geekery Webbify weatherstation

  31. Geekery CSS my website

  32. Geekery Some form of board gaming target

  33. Guiding Go to a full Guide camp again

  34. Guiding Take part in international camp

  35. Guiding Get part 4 LQ

  36. Guiding Attend TDOTA or JOTA and operate

  37. Guiding Sew 101 badges onto the badge blanket

  38. Guiding / Arts and Crafts Go to Singing Circle or equivalent at least 5 times

  39. Just for fun go on a log flume

  40. Just for fun go to the cinema

  41. Nature grow a plant (something easy?)

  42. Nature / Fitness Go on a wolf walk (Anglian wolf society)

  43. Personal private

  44. Personal private

  45. Personal make a note of something positive each week

  46. Personal try 10 foods or drinks I haven't tried before (or not for several years and didn't like last time)

  47. Travel Visit part of Europe with children

  48. Travel Spend a night away without the children

  49. Travel Go on a new mode of transport (rickshaw / gondola / light aircraft / horseback / tank / elephant etc)

  50. Travel Go on a duck boat tour

  51. Travel / Fitness walk around a walled city on the walls

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