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Alex has been growing and is now 9kg heavy - nearly 20lbs. He's graduated from the reclined plastic seat things in supermarket trolleys to the much more grown up standard seat that comes in most trolleys. This is good because I don't have to play hunt the trolley and standard trolleys are a lot easier to steer, but bad because standard trolleys don't have brakes and they're very useful when it's windy.
He's clapping and waving and practising various different sounds. His latest favourite is to blow through his lips like one would play a trumpet. He loves doors and has just discovered drawers (and trapping his fingers in them :-(). We've also tried the swing and slide at the park, which he liked a lot.
He insists on standing wherever possible - it takes a little persuading for him to sit. He can stand holding my hands for longer than I usually want to help him stand, and is getting very good at pulling on my hands to re-balance himself. He doesn't step at all though - feet are planted and staying there. He's still not moving around much, which I should count as a blessing. He's usually quite happy within about 2 square yards' area. Although he turns and moves within a position, such as on his tummy, back or bum, he doesn't change position at all; I haven't even seen him roll over for ages (though he does sleep on his side). He's toppled forwards a few times and cried rather than go "okay, I'm on my front, I can get around like this instead and look I can now reach what I wanted." No signs of pulling himself up either. I both want to encourage and don't want to encourage this. Once they move apparently it's a nightmare, and walking doubly so to crawling. The later they do it the more likely you are to be able to say "no" effectively. But every mother wants her child to develop and grow, and crawling and walking are a part of that.

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