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Since the last entry...

Alex has cut three more teeth - the last two at the same time, and he was pretty grumpy with it.
He's been babbling, practising his consonants and today so far he has three times, separately, said "mama". Okay, so he didn't actually direct it at me, but it's progress!
There's not a lot of progress on the bum shuffling, but he turns around a lot when sitting down. He really enjoys standing up (supported) on our knees or anywhere else he can, straightening his body and legs. It make it pretty hard to hold him at times. He can't "stand" for long, his knees buckling quite quickly, then straightening again, but he's taking more and more of his own weight each time and for longer.
He figured out how to clap on Thursday and has been doing that a lot all weekend. He also learned he could suck his big toe. The third new thing on Thursday wasn't so good - a full blown nightmare. He screamed and screamed for several minutes, eyes open and staring but clearly not awake and not recognising me. He didn't look like himself either, just strange and unreal. It was quite perturbing. I cuddled him and told him mummy was here and eventually he awoke, still crying, and slowly calmed down, then fell asleep in my arms.

We also camped out one night in the back garden as a trial run for going to a Scout site for a birthday party this weekend. Should be fun, I hope the weather is good!
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