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So, as part of my 101 challenges (which I must post about sometime) was going to Kentwell. Kentwell Hall is a Tudor house which hosts recreations, whereby a large number of people wear Tudor clothes and do Tudor activities for periods from a weekend to 3 weeks. Each year they recreate a Tudor year - last year from June 2012 to May 2013 was 1556 in Mary's reign. This year will be 1559, early Elizabeth. School groups attend during the week and the general public at weekends.

We applied to join in, filling in first one form and then another. It was deliberately trying to put us off so they didn't get the shirkers.

I went to the open day in March, which was absolutely freezing. I made some new friends (waves to Anni and had a lovely day.
On 18th March, I got "pre-acceptance". That is to say, they want us (yay!) but haven't decided our station yet. A station is what task we will be recreating. They vary from hovel to gentry, and the clothes vary from lower through middle to elite. I'm hoping to be a teacher, but might be a sutler (making pottage for the workers.)

Until we get acceptance, we can make linens but not really outer clothes because they are very status dependent. However, as I expect to be lower or middle class, I can get started on the children's clothes. Mother came to stay over Easter and so we cracked on.

I have a massive to do list, and shall post it shortly.

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