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So, I should probably quantify this a bit. Various people have various sets of rules for this meme. I know I need flexibility so I am not going to say I can't amend challenges in hindsight or that I have to have planned them all from the beginning (some might be spur of the moment because the opportunity just comes up). I am not going to say I have to blog about them all or take photos or even publish them. I do not want this to be a chore, but fun and expanding, so only a few will be regular for the entire time (but maybe some ones which are good for me will become a habit) and only a few will be difficult, some will be really easy. Part of this is about getting round to doing things I would like to do, part is about getting round to doing things I ought to do and part is about personal development. I can't really do this without support or at least cooperation from family and friends.

Anyway, a more sensibly ordered, trackable list will appear at some point soon.

1/101 completed: C1 Railfest on 4th June 2012. Myself, Ganesh and the children went up for the day. It was at the National Railway Museum in York and we took the train to get there (naturally). It was a lovely day, a little bit of drizzle in the morning, but mostly it was dry, not too sunny, not too hot. We went on um 7 steam trains (some of them twice, three times, four times) of various sizes - from tiny little ride ons, less little ride ons and up through the gauges to proper standard gauge. We saw model trains from tiny-tiny upwards, and saw engines of all ages. Ganesh went into the cabs of quite a few, while I stayed with reluctant children.

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